"Remember God Loves You"
"Trinity Hill  Evangelical Free Church"


The Church

Church is not that special building that you see as you drive down the highway or the place where people go on Sunday to meet for an hour or two. The church is the people that make up the body of Christ. The body of Christ is composed of those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. When you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior then you become a child of God and this is who makes up the body of Christ (The Church). Every church that you see or attend has a group of people mostly
Christians, but not always, are a part of the body of the what is sometimes referred to as the universal church. It does not matter what part of the world you are from, that if you indeed are born again of the Holly Spirit you are a part of the church. Some refer to Christians as born again Christians but the truth is you cannot be a Christian unless you are born again of the Holly Spirit. Those who attend church services on Sunday morning are not necessarily Christians even though they believe with all their heart that they are. It is that, probably in reality that they have never been taught any thing different, sad but true.

        The local church is the building or place where we attend to worship, study, and learn who God is, how God operates and how we can build an intimate relationship with Him. Again remember that the Church is the people!  The Church's most important job is to reach out to those that have no knowledge of who Jesus even is. Don't look at the church as though it is just a group of people that gathering on Sunday to have a good time or a place to see friends and where they ask for your money and time. The church building is where we gather to learn who God is and how God can be a part of our daily life.  It is something that nothing else can even come close to being. So many people do not realize that God can be the Leader in guiding you in your life in so many ways that I could never begin to explain it all. There is only one God, He is Spirit Who knows all the past, present and future. God is Omniscience (meaning all knowing), Omnipotent (meaning all powerful), Omnipresent (meaning always present everywhere). To have access to God and all of His wisdom and knowledge you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be born again of the Holy Spirit.

        God is very much real.  We call God the Trinity.  That's a word not found in the Bible but which means that God is Trinity (He is God the Father "Creator;" "God the Son, Jesus Christ the Savior;" "God the Holy Spirit, the Helper."). We say that this Three-in-One and One-in Three, make up the God-Head.  It is our way of letting our finite minds understand an infinite God.  It's not a bad way.

        See God and the church as it really is. As mentioned before God the creator is the creator of all that is, the earth, stars, and the heavens. This may be difficult to understand but all are born with a sinful nature - me, you and everyone that is. We won't go into this at this time, but if you keep reading you will someday understand it. In the Old Testament part of the Bible there are many times when God called upon the people to make sacrifices of their best animals for the forgiveness of their sins. But God sent His Son to die on the cross as I am sure everyone has known or heard of by now, this means that, if you ask God to forgive you of your sins, and then accept His Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, who is the helper, now lives and resides in our heart. This means we have been saved from our sinful nature and will now be able to live for eternity in heaven with God. Do you now see the picture of what the Trinity means? God the Creator, Jesus the Savior, and the Holy Spirit the Helper each and all together is God.

        When you have the Holy Spirit living in your heart you have all access to God and all His wisdom, love, and all that God is. It has been mentioned many time that God is everywhere or that there is no place where God is not. Think of it this way:  God does not live in a cave or at the bottom of the ocean but if you are there the Holy Spirit is there with you.  He is with you at all times. God will never leave you nor forsake you; that Is His Promise.

Don't let yourself be misled or cheated out of the many blessings that God has in store for you. Find and attend a good Bible-Believing, Bible-Teaching church and learn what God can do for you. You will never regret it if you truly want to know God.  I guarantee it.

             All who call on the Name of the Lord will be saved.

            And yes.  Church - it really is all that important!