"Remember God Loves You"
"Trinity Hill  Evangelical Free Church"

Del Mullen
 Del Mullen
         Is now the leading Pastor of the Trinity Hill Church in
 Seibert, Colorado. Del took this position following our previous Pastor a good friend and fellow Christian, Pastor James Ruetsch who has retired from being a Pastor but is still serving God now down many other avenues. Pastor James Ruetsch was a good teacher to me and a very Godly man. He taught me more than he probably will realize but it was worth it all. We always had a very close relationship and supported each other at all times.

         I had the very pleasant experience of studying under the teaching of Dr. Charles Stanley of In touch Ministries and pleased to have made the grade and received my Certificate of Completion.

          Dr. Charles Stanley has truly been a great inspiration to me and I do have to say that he is my mentor in my learning about the word of God.

          God had a plan for my life that I wasn't even aware of,  and it was years before it all came together, and with God I am sure He is not finished yet. I can honestly say it wasn't always easy but very real indeed. I thank God for what He has done for me in my life and truly "SURPRISED" TO SAY THE LEAST". The Bible teaches that what ever job God has in mind for us to do He will equip us to do just that.

       I grew up on a cattle ranch near the little town of  Kit Carson, Colorado area and was born at home on this cattle ranch in the year of 1940. For me then, how little did I know what God was going to use me for, being this job and position here at the Trinity Hill Church. I didn't understand it all back then but through the years I began to see how God was working in my life. God is a marvelous God, don't ever under estimate what He can and will do. I am very pleased with what He has done in my life, and quite surprised at what He had to put up with in me, but God is a patient God for sure. God led me into areas where I could learn His word and most of all how to develop "With His help" how to achieve and have an Intimate Personal Relationship With Him. This is the number one and most important single part of anyone's life. This is what we strive to teach here at the Trinity Hill Church.

       I will take this time now to ask you to come and join us as we teach what God has to say. Learning what all God has for us is indeed the most important decision you will ever make.

 Thank you and may God Richly Bless You

  Del Mullen

 Our services are at 9:AM to10:AM Each Sunday